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Wednesday 20th of March 2019
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Things children with ADHD would like their teachers to know

Posted by on March 27th, 2012 |

1)   I really do forget things – I’m not trying to be smart, sassy or arrogant. I simply do not always remember. The myth that if it is important enough I will remember it is just that, a myth.

2)   I am not stupid.

3)   I really do complete my homework. It is easy for me to lose papers, leave them at home and otherwise not be able to find my homework at the proper time. Completing homework in a notebook is much easier for me as it will not get lost as easily. Loose papers are difficult for me to keep track of.

4)   If I ask the same question over or ask many questions, it is not out of arrogance. I am trying hard to understand, comprehend and remember what you have said.

5)   I want to do well. I have struggled with schoolwork for many years and it is frustrating to me. My goal is to do my best.

6)   ADHD is not an excuse. ADHD really does exist and it does affect my thinking process. I would like to be “normal” and be able to remember and process information quickly. I do not enjoy being “different” and made fun of for my differences.

7)   I need your help to succeed. It isn’t always easy for me to ask for help and sometimes asking makes me feel stupid. Please be patient with my attempts and offer your help.

8)   Please be sure to talk with me in private about behaviors or actions that may not be appropriate. Please do not humiliate me, insult me or call attention to my weaknesses in front of the class.

9)   I do better with a detailed plan and knowing what you expect. If you should change plans in the middle to adapt to some outside influence, please help me to adapt. It may take me longer to adjust to the changes. Structure and guidance are my best allies.

10) I don’t like having “special accommodations.” Please do not draw attention to them and help me to succeed with the least amount of attention drawn to my ADHD.

11) Learn about ADHD. Read information and find out all you can on how kids with ADHD learn and what you can do to make it easier for them.

12) Always remember that I am a person with feelings, needs and goals. These are as important to me as yours are to you.